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Chapels and Nonconformity

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Chapels and Nonconformity

By 1851 Anglican worshippers were a minority in Wales – most Christians were Nonconformists. Chapels quickly sprang up in the new industrial communities. Many became centres of cultural activity with choirs becoming particularly popular (partly in an attempt to keep people out of the pub!). You can still see many of these chapels in the villages of the valley.


Bethel Chapel
A Wesleyan Methodist Chapel built between 1921 and 1933, situated on School Road.

Chapel of Ease
The chapel is the oldest building in the Dulais Valley with parts dating back to the 13th century. The body of a monk was discovered under the western porch. A poignant grave inscribed "not to be opened" holds two little brothers, who died of contagious illness in 1837 and 1843.

Saron Chapel
An Independent Chapel built in 1904.

Godre Rhos Chapel
An Independent chapel the existing chapel was built in 1856 to replace an earlier one founded in 1754 by the Reverend Henry Thomas. It is an unusual circular design, with small gates at the ends of the pews. Howell Harris the famous 18th century Methodist preacher was a frequent visitor to the original chapel.

Salem Chapel
A Calvinistic Methodist Chapel built in 1769 and modified in 1867 and 1937.

Bethania Chapel
A Baptist Chapel built in 1907. Situated on Woodland Road only the corner stone now remains.

Zion Chapel
A Calvinistic Chapel built in 1821 and modified in 1868, situated on Neath Road. It is now used as a private workshop.

Seven Sisters

Salem Chapel
A Baptist Chapel built in 1899 and modified in 1911. It is situated on Pen-y-Banc.

Soar Chapel
A Congregational Chapel built in 1878 and situated on Pen-y-banc. It also has its own burial ground.

Seion Chapel
A Calvinistic Methodist Chapel built in 1890. It has since been demolished and the date stone placed into the wall surrounding the site of the old chapel.

Bethany Chapel
An English Baptist chapel.



St David's
In 1925 the Reverend William Herbert Jones, vicar at St Mary’s Church, Seven Sisters decided to build a branch Church at Duffryn Cellwen. The church, a corrugated iron building, was officially opened in October 1925 and named St David’s Church. Each year on St David’s Day the church plays host to the Daffodil Festival.


St Margaret's
Built by J. Cook Rees of Neath between 1909 and 1910. There are stained glass windows in all north, south and east windows designed by Celtic Studios between 1951 and 1966. For more information see Maurice Boady’s article “The Secret of the Dulais Valley: The Stained Glass Windows in St Margaret’s, Crynant”, Morgannwg, 1993.

Seven Sisters

St Mary's
Built by J. Cook Rees of Neath between 1910 and 1911.